BOGA - The Bodybuilder Yoga Routine!

Practice Boga this yoga day!

  • 21st June, 2024.

Today, on International Yoga Day, I want to share something truly transformative with you. It’s called BOGA – Bodybuilders Official Grounding Asanas. By Saurav Chettri.

You see, after years of rigorous training and coaching, Saurav realized the immense value of integrating mobility and stretching into our routines. But not just any stretching – something that truly complements our intense workouts. That's where BOGA comes in.

BOGA is more than just a series of stretches. It's a flow of six foundational yoga poses designed to stretch every muscle and mobilize every joint in your body. 

What is BOGA?

BOGA Is about stabilizing the kinetic chain isometrically. But what does it mean?

  • When we talk about stabilizing the kinetic chain isometrically, we mean holding certain positions without moving, which helps to strengthen and support the muscles and joints that connect throughout your entire body. It’s like creating a strong, stable link from head to toe, making your body more efficient and powerful. This significantly improves balance, coordination, and overall flexibility. This means more strength, more power, more speed, and higher potential in our strength training workouts.
  • BOGA is also a form of mobility training. Mobility helps prevent injuries because it gets your body used to various positions and movements. By practicing these poses, your body learns how to handle situations that might otherwise lead to injury during strength training. Essentially, you're training your body to be prepared and resilient, reducing the risk of getting hurt.

But the benefits of BOGA aren’t just physical. There's a profound mental aspect to this practice. As you move through these poses, relying solely on your breath, your mind begins to quiet. It’s a meditative experience that helps you find comfort in uncomfortable positions – a skill that translates to real-life scenarios, allowing you to handle life's challenges with greater ease.

What is the flow? - Go to video





Garland Pose


Malasana variation

Garland Pose variation



Hand to Foot Pose

(with legs apart)


Chaturanga Asana

Plank Pose



Cobra Pose



Downward-Facing Dog Pose


Ashwa Sanchalanasana (LEFT)

Equestrian Pose or Low Lunge Pose


Utthita Parsvakonasana

Extended Side Angle Pose



Downward-Facing Dog Pose (repeated)


Ashwa Sanchalanasana (RIGHT)

Equestrian Pose or Low Lunge Pose


Ekpad Adhomukhashwanasana (LEFT)

One-Legged Downward-Facing Dog Pose


Kapotasana (with variation) (LEFT)

Pigeon Pose (with variation)


Ekpad Adhomukhashwanasana (RIGHT)

One-Legged Downward-Facing Dog Pose (repeated)


Kapotasana (with variation) (RIGHT)

Pigeon Pose (with variation)



Downward-Facing Dog Pose



Hand to Foot Pose




Repeat the flow at least six times if you're using it for warm up. Practicing the flow slowly is very important while you keep the mind and muscle connection in case of cooling down, slower the pace and do only one set  of the 18 poses.

When should I practice BOGA?
The best time to practice BOGA is either as a warm-up before your workout or as a cool-down afterward. As a warm-up, it prepares your muscles and joints for the intense activity ahead. As a cool-down, it helps your body recover, promoting flexibility and relaxation.

About Saurav Chettri

  • Contest Prep and Lifestyle Coach
  • Specializing in Physique Transformation & Female Fitness
  • Rehab Specialist for Sports injuries

"Incorporating BOGA into your routine can truly change your life, as it has mine. I am much more flexible than when I first started and can lift heavier due to enhanced joint stability. I no longer experience extreme soreness the next day and can move around without stiffness, which used to hinder my daily activities. 

Whether you're a seasoned bodybuilder or just starting your fitness journey, I encourage you to give BOGA a try. Let's embrace this practice, celebrate International Yoga Day, and take a step towards a more balanced and powerful you." - Saurav

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