IN2 loyalty program

We, at IN2 Nutrition, thought long and hard on the perfect ‘Thank you’ gesture for you, our loyal customers And so, we’ve created a loyalty program to present to you the most exclusive rewards you could ever come across!

How to authenticate

How to Earn Reward Points

how to earn points



How do I scan the product?

It can be scanned using any QR Code scanning apps for both Android and iPhone. A few of the most used applications are: 

  1. Google Lens
  2. iPhone Camera (Inbuilt)
  3. Paytm Scanner 
  4. NeoReader Barcode Scanner 
  5. Bar-Code Reader 

However many smartphones with Android 9 and above have an in-built QR Code scanner in their cameras. It does not need a separate app to scan QR Codes. To scan with the camera, simply point the camera at a QR Code and click on the URL displayed by the QR Code.